Debt Recovery

Does someone owe you money? Or is someone claiming you owe them money?

Debt Recovery

We know that you work hard for your money and sometimes you encounter people who don’t want to pay you for your services. In circumstances where you contacted a debtor for payment and have not received payment, we can help you recover your money.

If your matter is worth less than $20,000 it will be heard in the small claims division of the local court. All your costs are added to the statement of claim including your filing fee, service of debtor by the court and our fee. In most circumstances we will ask you to pay for the filing fee and service fee which should not exceed $144 for an individual or $245 for corporation. These fees are then collected from the debtor upon receipt payment.

What if I didn’t get what I paid for?

We find that many people don’t mind paying their bills so long as the goods and/or services they have received reflect what was promised to them. This scenario if often the cause of a debt recovery claim.

We can help you where someone has not delivered goods or servuces as requested and/or are now chasing you for their money.

Letter of Demand

We understand that many clients are not comfortable with proceeding before a letter of demand has been sent.

In those circumstances we can offer you a letter of demand for $47 including GST (no hidden fees).

A letter of demand from Lawyer can have the desired impact on the debtor and might be all that you need to resolve the matter. Our letter will ask that your debtor contact you to arrange payment in full or as agreed. We do not undertake negotiation with the debtor for you.  If you cannot resolve the matter or communication has broken down between you and the debtor, we recommend that you instruct us to commence proceedings for you in the local court.

Creditor’s statutory demand

In some circumstances where you are owed more than $2,000 by a corporation, it is more appropriate to issue a creditor’s statutory demand which will give the debtor 21 days to pay the debt or they will be forced into the winding up process.