Family Law question – Quick guide

In recent years, an increasing number of Australians have been growing even more concerned with the country’s family laws as the topic itself becomes much more relevant. As cases of domestic abuse, separation, and other related problems continue to take centre stage, more and more Australians continue to ask themselves questions about the ins-and-outs of family law.

“What are your entitlements upon the breakdown of my relationship?”
“Where do you find information about family law?”
“Where can I find the Family Law Act?”
“Do I need to go to the Family Court?”
“What are your custody rights?”
“Do I need a family lawyer?”
“What are your rights?”

The ever-growing list of questions about family law continues to contribute to the growing stress, anxiety, and depression that separated couples feel throughout the entire experience. Although many different types of questions about family law have been thrown back and forth, most have yet to be answered. Fortunately, questions about family law no longer have to fall in a grey area with pending answers and an ever-growing curiosity.

Out of all the different questions that you could possibly have about family law, however, there are two particular inquiries that you need to know the answers to: “What is family law?” and “When should I see a family lawyer?

To quell your worries and guide you through a tough time or simply resolve your curiosity, let’s go over the two particular questions as stated above about Australian family law:

What is family law?

Generally speaking, family law affects almost every adult in Australia in one way or another. Parties that have lived together as a married couple, have had children, or have been in a de facto relationship are subject to family law in regards to their rights and obligations. Keep in mind that all these decisions and processes will have an impact on their estate, financial, and succession planning efforts.

Family law, in a nutshell, can be divided into obligations and rights that are mainly related to two different factors: children and financial matters. The scope of children matters, rights and obligations issues may be concerned with custody, residence, parental responsibility, surrogacy, and financial support. In regards to financial matters, on the other hand, rights and obligations concerns may include spousal maintenance, child support or child maintenance, and property settlement issues.

When should you see a family lawyer?

Australian families on the verge of separation, more often than not, spend a significant amount of time going back and forth on deciding whether or not they should consult a family lawyer. It is understandable to have a significant amount of concern in making a decision, but the best answer to the question is that you should see a lawyer right away if you’re settled on divorce or separation.

During a time wherein your life could possibly change, and you’ll have to face long-lasting financial and emotional after-effects, it is essential to know your rights and where you stand at the moment. By consulting with a family lawyer, you can avoid any potential drawbacks and even bigger problems and mistakes along the way.

Final words

There’s no denying the fact that family issues and concerns that come about with separation or divorce can be quite tough to deal with. Yet, having a family lawyer can help you circumnavigate a difficult time. If you’re considering a divorce or separation but have no idea on what to expect and what you could exactly do, get in touch with Sydney’s foremost family law practitioners at Wilding & Co Lawyers right away!

This article is intended to provide general information. You should obtain professional advice before you undertake any course of action.

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