Wilding & Co Lawyers was founded in 2019. We are based in Sydney’s inner west at Balmain and have access to offices in the CBD.

Ben Wilding

Ben Wilding

Principal Lawyer

Ben is the founder and Principal Lawyer of Wilding & Co Lawyers. Since beginning in the legal industry, he has predominantly been a generalist lawyer with a focus in the areas of Family Law, Commercial Law, Property Law & Wills & Estates Law.

Ben is known for his common sense approach to the law. He is confident in his ability to get the best outcome for his clients both legally and financially.

Prior to commencing his legal career, Ben was a high school teacher. Before becoming a high school teacher, he worked in the fitness industry whilst studying at university.

Ben’s experience in client service through the fitness industry and his training in education gives him a unique ability to simplify complex legal issues for his clients. Ben’s diverse background and humility is rare in the legal industry and it’s part of the reason clients feel so comfortable with him.

How Are We Different?

We provide effective and efficient legal services that are affordable and transparent.

We are committed to moving with the times

We have invested in technology which allows our clients to access their matter and allows them to amend documents. This enables our practice to be lean and agile. We are able to deliver desired outcomes to our clients at a fraction of the costs that some other firms would charge.

We have eliminated excess

If you walk into many traditional legal offices, you will generally find a very expensive operation involving large amounts of printing, filing, dictation and many other administrative services which are mostly avoidable now.

Many law firms simply pass the cost of their expensive and unnecessary administrative tasks onto their clients, so they see no need for change. It is not uncommon to see a law firm charge $1 per page for printing or a storage fee of $40. You simply will not ever encounter this at Wilding & Co Lawyers.

Our aim is to be paperless

We utilise technology to reduce costs to our clients and run an almost paperless office.

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We Focus on Your Issue

Our Lawyers are able to take complex legal issues and put them into plain english for our clients. This approach helps our clients increase their understanding of their matter which usually reduces stress levels.

Fixed Fees

We offer many services on a fixed fee basis. Our range of fixed fees is designed to give you certainty.


We are proud sponsors of two of the inner west’s finests rugby league football clubs being:

Five Dock RSL Rugby League Football Club

Leichhardt Juniors Rugby League Football Club

To learn more about either club, click on their name above or go to our community page for more information.